FAIP (First Assignment Instructor Pilot)

FAIPapalooza (a gathering of the Mafia)

In 2003, the first FAIPs of Moody AFB were talking to an older generation of FAIPs. They were FAIPs from the years past when being a FAIP was potentially an 8 year assignment. These gentlemen talked of the FAIP gatherings that brought everyone together and kept morale high among all the pilot training bases. Inspired by the stories, the Moody FAIPs of 2003 decided to pitch the idea of FAIPaplooza to AETC and get renewed backing of FAIP mentoring and comradery. The AETC/DO and 19 AF/CC commanders both agreed FAIPapalooza "has great potential" as an annual event!



Conduct a comprehensive gathering of AETC First Assignment Instructor Pilots (previous and current) to discuss aviation-related issues and career development while fostering camaraderie.


1) Educate FAIPs on future formal training courses and assignment processes, as well as provide first-class mentoring from our finest leaders

2) Foster dialogue and build FAIPs’ camaraderie between the units of AETC

3) Preserve an important Air Force tradition


2004 – Moody AFB; 2005 – Vance (cancelled); 2006 – Moody AFB; 2007 – Vance AFB; 2008 – Columbus AFB; 

2009 – Laughlin AFB; 2010 – Shepard AFB; 2012 – Randolph AFB; 2015 – Randolph AFB


Vance AFB

Guest Speakers: Lt Col Bryan Elder (T-38 Vance), Lt Col Steven Sylvester (T-37 Vance), Lt Col Deirdre Gurry (T-37 Columbus), Lt Col Matthew Russell (T-6 Moody), Maj John Ayers (T-6 Columbus), Maj Paul Pappas (T-6 Laughlin), Maj Ryan Reeves (T-6 Laughlin), Capt Russ Reynolds (T-1 Vance)

Number in attendance: 103

Participating bases: Vance, Laughlin, Columbus, Randolph, Sheppard, Kingsley Field


Laughlin AFB

Guest Speaker: General Robin Rand (T-37, Williams AFB)

Number in attendance: TBD

Participating bases: TBD


Sheppard AFB (Ft Worth, TX)

Guest Speaker: General (Ret) Mosley

Number in attendance: TBD

Participating bases: TBD